About Halliday

Halliday (Me)

It’s always difficult trying to figure out what to say about myself. I never really know where to start.

First and foremost, I am a mom. No matter what I do or what I become, that will always be the most important to me. Everything I do always revolves around Riley and making her life better. I pick up odd jobs, and am constantly researching and learning new skills to figure out how to best suit her needs as a parent.

I currently work as a freelance web developer. I’m also branching out into the world of consulting, finally putting my business degree to some use. I primarily coach non-profit organizations and start-ups on how to grow their web presence and present unified branding.

Occasionally, I still find time to practice my fiber arts. While I haven’t had much opportunity lately to knit or crochet, you can find many of my patterns online on Ravelry.

I struggle with OCD, which does not mean I tidy all the time. Cleaning is simply a common coping mechanism for OCD, not a symptom. Unfortunately for the state of my house, cleaning is not one of my personal coping mechanisms. I’m much more likely to dive into video games and get lost for unreasonable amounts of time.

Speaking of which, I also occasionally stream on my Twitch channel! If you’d like to know where else you can find me and my work on the internet, check out the Contact page.

RT is the coolest kid ever


Riley is an absolutely amazing kid. She astounds me on a daily basis. She’s sweet, she’s silly, stubborn, confident, sassy, and absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t ask for a more well-behaved toddler. Her biggest interests include outer space, water, and marine life. I actually started maintaining fish tanks again just to watch her face light up.

She loves to snuggle while watching documentaries or Finding Nemo. Her absolute favorite show of all time is Cosmos. We watch the entire series through probably at least once a week. She has a full army of teddy bears, and she has at least one of them with her at all times. She’s a big fan of music and dancing. Her latest obsession is Mardi Gras beads.

She was diagnosed as moderately-to-severely autistic at the age of two. To this day, she’s still primarily non-verbal and communicates mostly through hand signs and touch. However, after receiving special services, she is rapidly progressing. She’s reached a point where she will use single words when prompted. She has never allowed her lack of speech to slow her down. No matter what she’s trying to communicate, she finds a way. Her meltdowns are few and far between because they only happen when she fails to get her point across and becomes frustrated.

I am unbelievably proud of how hard she works and everything she has accomplished. She is such a trooper, the way she wakes up early and pushes through our morning routine and then a full day of preschool, day in and day out.

About Our Family

I am extremely grateful for my large, tight-knit family. Riley’s is even larger. She already has a few cousins on her dad’s side of the family! She spends half the week with me, and half the week with her father. Thankfully, although her dad and I reached a point where we were no longer compatible as partners, we are still able to cooperate in making sure she has the best care and opportunities possible. There’s no animosity that would prevent us from working together toward those ends.