Please Note:

Prices listed below are à la carte. Some services can be combined into a package, so your prices may be lower when scheduling multiple services in combination. Discounts may also apply for multiple clients at a single location (for example, a family haircut day).

Hair & Scalp
  • Haircut
    Haircut Using Scissors, Clippers, or Razor.
    Shampoo and Basic Conditioning
    Scalp Massage
    10 Minute Duration
    Deep Conditioning Treatment
    Customized for Your Needs
  • Braiding & Styling
    Level 1 Braiding
    5 Braids or Less
    Level 2 Braiding (Or Level 1 Extra Long)
    10 Braids or Less
    Level 3 Braiding
    $70 and Up
    Intricate Braiding Styles
    Basic Styling
    Non-Intricate Style Designs

Currently not offering color or chemical texture services.

Hands & Feet
  • The Basics
    Cuticle Care & Nail Shaping
    Hand Massage
    10 Minute Duration
    Cuticle Care, Nail Shaping & Callus Maintenance
    Foot Massage
    10 Minute Duration
  • Nail Art
    Basic Polish Application
    Hands or Feet - One Color
    French Tips or Accent Nail
    Simple Designs
    Nail Piercing
    For Artificial Nails Only
  • Artificial Nails
    Tip Adhesion
    Plastic Tips
    Dip Nails Full Set
    Colored Dip, No Polish

Makeup Application Pricing by Consultation

Pricing for cosmetic applications is dependent on the service in question. Various styles require different amounts of materials and labor. I do offer package pricing for groups and events, such as; weddings, proms, quinceañeras, bat mitzvahs, or whatever else your party wants to boost your look for.

Depending on location, an additional travel fee may be required. Charges may apply for “emergency” appointments. You may be charged for last-minute cancellation, up to the cost of the appointment as scheduled.