Unorganized Chaos


For as long as I’ve been creating, I’ve always had a messy work space. I’m a big fan of organized chaos. While I like to keep my living space clean and orderly (not that I always manage to accomplish that), my work area usually looks like a bomb went off. When we moved into our house, one of the bedrooms was designated as my studio. Kids and pets are not allowed in there, and my husband rarely ever sets foot inside. Therefore, I have no reason to keep it tidy. That’s become a bit of a problem lately.

As you can see, it looks like a bomb went off and was immediately followed by a tornado. It’s reached the point where even I have trouble finding what I need. It’s time to get it back into some kind of order. It’s never going to be immaculate, but I really need to do something to get it into a manageable state. I can hardly move around, and I’m running out of floor space.

Part of the problem is that it also became a temporary storage room. See the wooden furniture in the middle of the floor? That’s a headboard and drawer for a bed frame that isn’t currently in use. My parents have been clearing out my old room at their house. When they bring furniture and large boxes out, my father and my husband stuff it in whatever space they can find, including hallways, the dining room, the nursery, and my studio. The rest of the bed frame is currently in the basement, but the headboard in my studio is immensely heavy, so no one wanted to carry it downstairs, only to carry it up two flights of stairs when it gets put to use. The studio was much closer.


Another contributor to the issue is the lack of organizational furniture. I don’t have any book cases in there, so my pattern books and notebooks lie in piles on the floor. Right now, the best-organized area is my yarn stash corner. I got a rolling set of drawers as a gift this past Christmas (thank you Mom!). It doesn’t fit everything, so there’s overflow into the basket that I crocheted years ago for that very purpose. However, even that doesn’t fit everything. I have a some yarns still in the boxes that they arrived in. Some people would say that this means I have too much yarn. Those people do not knit or crochet, because that’s never true!

I’m considering picking up another set or two of the rolling drawers, to be honest. Reviews say that they don’t stack very well, but if I place a few next to each other, I’ll end up with a nice big shelf on top. On the current one, I have more knitting paraphernalia spread out, including one of my needle cases. More surface area there would be a good place to store other related items, such as ribbon, lace, or fiber I haven’t spun yet. If I have enough space in the drawers, I could probably use one to store my works-in-progress.


I know I’m going to be bringing in my old, but still gorgeous, roll-top desk. I’ve had it since I was a kid, and I’ve always loved it. It’s not big enough to work as a computer desk, so it doesn’t get too much use. On the other hand, it’s a great size for sitting down and sketching out patterns. That was another item that my parents brought out from my old room. Right now it’s sitting in the nursery until I can clear some floor space for it in the studio. It’s most likely going to go in the corner where my dressmaker’s mannequin is now.

In order to get it in to that space, I’ll have to shift a few things around. Not only am I going to have to move the stuff in the corner like my easel and paintings, but I’ll actually have to move some furniture in order to be able to move the furniture I want to. Right now there’s a toybox sitting on the floor outside of my studio that I have to carefully sneak around in order to get in the door. That’s going to go where the desk is now, so there will be some shuffling involved. It’s not terribly heavy, but that will probably be the most difficult part of getting the desk into place. There’s a little room in the closet where my paintings can squeeze in, and the easel folds up pretty small, so that’s not hard to store.


Right now, the closet is under-utilized. I primarily use it to hang completed clothing items. There’s a shelf up top that needs to be reinforced. It currently holds a couple light-weight items, but to hold anything significant, it will need some work. I also want to make some baskets for the floor to keep the items down there in better order.

It’s definitely a daunting to-do list, but in the end it will be more than worth it. Right now my studio is less of a work space and more of a storage room for my craft supplies. I just have to break the process down into steps and then take them one at a time. With a little time and perseverance it will become usable again, and even better than it was before. Thinking about what it could be makes me really excited. As my business has been growing even more rapidly as of late, I’ve been needing to store more and more supplies at a time. If I put in the effort now to accommodate that growing need, it can become my perfect studio for years to come.

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