The Value of Nutrition


If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know that I’m doing a lot more home-cooked meals. I’m not trying to turn into a fitness and nutrition fanatic, but the way I was eating and living in general was not great for my health. I don’t want this to become an obsession that takes over my life, but everyone needs to practice self-care to be at their best, and I am no exception. If I don’t take care of myself, there’s no way I can continue to take care of my family without burning out. The changes I’m making are necessary and sustainable ones, rather than drastic ones.

It’s funny. Nothing makes you feel like an adult quite like getting excited over new kitchen equipment. I felt like I had a well-stocked kitchen before, but with the more intricate recipes I’m making now, I’m finding that my inventory is not quite sufficient. I’ve been buying new baking pans of various sizes. Right now, I’m waiting on shipment of a rolling pin. A couple weeks ago, I got myself a new Ninja Master blender system after finding that my old, second-hand one no longer worked, and that my food processor didn’t do everything I needed it to.

The new blender has really come in handy already. It gave me the perfect consistency for a carrot soup recipe I simply had to try, which turned out to be absolutely delicious. I’m also not just cooking for adults anymore; the blender has proved very useful in making vegetable purees for little ones. That’s right. RT is now six months old and starting to eat solid foods!


We started her off trying avocado, which I could easily mash up with a spoon while we were still awaiting the arrival of the blender, but she was not a fan. It was quite a different story when we gave her a taste of sweet potato. We cooked it up first, and mixed it with some baby formula to get the right consistency, but once we got the texture right for her, she was grabbing at the spoon to shove it in her mouth. It was amazing to watch! I haven’t decided yet which food we’ll try next, but I’m thinking peas (mainly because that’s what sitting in the fridge right now that I don’t already have plans for). I picked up a book called Top 100 Baby Purees that I still have to make my way through, but I’m sure it will inspire me.

RT has also become quite the little yoga baby. When I do my practices throughout the day, she will fuss until I bring her on the mat with me. It doesn’t matter whether she’s in her jumper beside me or in Daddy’s arms. She wants to be on the mat! I think I’ve mentioned before the book I got called Baby Om that contains lots of poses you can do with baby during your practice. It sorts the poses by developmental age, and has really been great. I haven’t been able to find much in the way of Mommy & Me yoga videos that I can do from home, so the book has been a fantastic resource. I’m also working one-on-one with a woman who lives up the street from me and teaches yoga out of her house. That has really deepened my practice and allowed me to integrate RT into my routine.

Overall, I feel that it’s incredibly important to make healthy living enjoyable. If you feel as though you’re forcing yourself to eat low calorie foods that are obnoxious to prepare, and you simply can’t work up the motivation to perform a workout that you hate, you’re doing something wrong. That’s not a sustainable lifestyle change. If your new habits make you unhappy, then there’s no way you’ll be able to continue them long-term. The new recipes I’ve found on Pinterest and are not only delicious, but they’re fun to make. RT sits in her high chair beside me while I make food, and I put on music that we both enjoy. Her smile stretches from ear to ear if I start dancing, and she’ll dance along in her chair too. I haven’t lost anything but weight by making these lifestyle changes, but I’ve gained a lot in quality of life.

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