The New Normal


In a few days, RT will be three months old. She’s gained almost four pounds and over three inches since she was born. Life will never be the same as it was before I became pregnant. It’s changed in a lot of ways – many I didn’t expect. Still, I wouldn’t trade my new life for anything. Yes, there’s a lot of stress, but there’s also euphoria, and I’m starting to get used to the routine.

People will tell you when you have a baby that you’ll learn what they want by their different cries. I heard this constantly while I was pregnant. When she was first born, I listened really closely to learn those different cries, but RT didn’t have any. She only had the one. This stressed me out possibly more than anything else in the first month. At two and a half months of age, she finally began to differentiate. It was a huge relief. She also has a lot of facial expressions now, so it’s become much easier to tell what’s going on. It makes me feel much more confident as a mom.


We’ve figured out pretty well what works best for our little family, as well as RT’s likes and dislikes. For example, we don’t use the nursery at night. We primarily use it for play time and story time during the day, and naps take place downstairs in either the Moses basket or the swing, depending on how tired she is. She really likes to sit up, so if she needs to wear out a bit more, she goes in the swing. Learning preferences like that one makes life infinitely easier. In the first few weeks after she was born, I never thought I would get the hang of this whole parenting thing, but she’s happy and healthy, and I even have some time for myself during the day. I even got a chance to log in to LOTRO yesterday. I didn’t play much, but I saved my house after a long time of not paying upkeep. I’ve had the same house for about seven years of play, so I was really happy I didn’t lose it.

I’ve been productive, too. I’ve been able to complete a lot of knitting projects over the past few weeks. They’re mostly items for babies – not just RT, but many of the other babies in my life. I’ve been blessed with a number of mom friends who have had babies recently. However, I’ve been working on writing more patterns for a book I hope to publish. It’s taking longer than I expected, because the ideas I come up with don’t always fit nicely into a single collection. The more I try to work on one book, the more partially-done books I end up with. It’s a problem, really. A good portion of these patterns have made it online. Some are available in the shop section of this site, while there are more on Ravelry, including a few free ones.

I picked a knitting yarn meter up to help with the book(s). I’ve never been good at figuring out how much yarn I use, which is why most of my patterns on Ravelry have a fairly wide range for the estimate. I think being able to be more precise will help those who are attempting to recreate my patterns. After all, nobody wants to run out of yarn right at the end of a project, or even halfway through.

I finally feel as though I can be myself again, rather than just a baby care robot. For any moms who are still in the earliest phases of parenthood, know that it does get better. It will definitely get tougher again in the future, but right now, we’re doing really well. We’ve all kind of figured out where we fit in the puzzle. Things are different, for sure, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

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