Falling Behind


Babies are am lot of work. We all know this. They’re time-consuming and require near constant attention. When my husband and I decided to grow our family, I knew that some chores would have to fall by the wayside temporarily. What I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to accomplish these tasks at the end of my pregnancy. There’s a lot of manual labor that needs doing on a homestead. Therefore, some things have built up over the past few months and really gotten out of hand.

This isn’t easy for me to admit. I usually pride myself on how much I am able to accomplish around the homestead, no matter the circumstances. I have also seen heavily pregnant women working their butts off on some of the more labor-intensive homestead responsibilities. I hated realizing that I couldn’t pull weeds because I couldn’t bend down to reach. Now the weeds are out of control. […]

Reclaiming the Planter Box: Part Three


You may remember my struggle with the planter box in my back yard from last year. Despite its neglected condition (which you can see on the right), I decided I was going to restore it to a usable state. I proclaimed proudly “I have my hands, a trowel, and a garden shovel” and that’s all I was going to use to get the job done.

I was forced to admit that sometimes, your bare hands are not the best tool for the job. I made it about 1/3 of the way through the box by the end of the season. By the time I had made it that far, there was thick, new growth sprouting up in the area I had already cleared. It was unbearably frustrating.[…]

Preparing for a Party

When you have a homestead, especially one that’s still getting off the ground, there are always a million chores that need to be done. There’s far more on the daily to-do list than dishes, laundry, and feeding the animals. Many tasks are projects that take weeks or months to complete. Therefore, when entertaining, it’s difficult to know how much needs to be finished before the big event to make the place “presentable.” After all, we all want to look like Betty Homemaker once in a while. […]

The Dreaded Poison Ivy


I am ridiculously allergic to poison ivy. When I was a child, I got it a few times and wound up with blisters the size of ping-pong balls. One time, my eye swelled shut. After that, I was old enough to identify it for myself and stay far, far away. One of my parents would clear it from our suburban yard if it ever popped up, and when I went on walks through the woods, I would wear jeans anyway, to prevent scratches or bug bites (especially ticks). For many years, I didn’t really have to worry about it. […]