Orchestrating the Chaos

Things have really kicked into high gear around the homestead. This time of year, everything gets so hectic, and this year has been especially busy. The most obvious chore is maintaining our 2-acre property now that the flora has burst into life again. I’m constantly pulling weeds and cutting back some of the plants that tend to take over, like my chocolate mint and raspberry bushes. I’ve even managed to get the planter box cleared before it was time to get my seedlings in the the ground! My long-time regular readers will know how much I’ve struggled with that over the past two years. This year is my year!

As you can see, I still need to clean it up a bit more, and it could use some more filling. Thankfully, I have the composter now, and it fills up quick with all the baking and weeding I’ve been doing as of late. Sometime in the future, I want to replace the wood around the edges, and I’m also planning on putting a small fence and gate around the area to keep out deer and the many, many bunnies that live in the raspberry bushes right next to it. Sometime this week, I’m also going to cut back the raspberry bushes, seeing as they’re encroaching again (as they are wont to do). […]

The Dreaded Poison Ivy


I am ridiculously allergic to poison ivy. When I was a child, I got it a few times and wound up with blisters the size of ping-pong balls. One time, my eye swelled shut. After that, I was old enough to identify it for myself and stay far, far away. One of my parents would clear it from our suburban yard if it ever popped up, and when I went on walks through the woods, I would wear jeans anyway, to prevent scratches or bug bites (especially ticks). For many years, I didn’t really have to worry about it. […]