Working Like Crazy

Lately, I have been working like crazy. I have so many projects going, I almost feel guilty for taking the time to write a blog post! I have literally been going non-stop for maybe two weeks now. So what has me so busy? Aside from raising a baby and taking care of household chores, I […]

Crunch Time


I am always so busy this time of year. My fiber arts business booms in the colder weather, and with the holidays approaching. I also set aside quite a bit of time to make presents for my friends and family. Handcrafted gifts are, in my opinion, much better than anything you could find mass produced in a store. They have a personal touch and a sense of devotion that you just can’t find anywhere else.

This year, I was especially strapped for time, despite giving myself a head start on creating presents. First of all, RT has started teething, making her one unhappy baby. As anyone with kids will already know, every endeavor becomes more difficult and time-consuming when there’s a little one screaming. […]

Self-Love in the Postpartum Period

Before and after RT's birth

Despite doing my best to follow my daily yoga practice while I was pregnant, I put on a lot more weight than I had expected to during those nine months. Seven weeks after giving birth, I had not been medically cleared to begin exercising again quite yet. This adds up to a very different body than I have grown accustomed to over my lifetime.

My skin is riddled with stretch marks, and loose around my midriff. My weight is a drastic change from before birth, but significantly more than it was pre-pregnancy. My body moves differently. It’s uncomfortable, physically and mentally.

So, when my friend Alana at AG Photography asked me to participate in a body-positive photo shoot she was conducting for a book, I had mixed feelings. The book is called Strength Through Adversity and it focuses on how societal standards can warp our perception of self. […]