Adjusting for Growth

Moses Basket

Everyone knows that babies grow fast, but it’s difficult to believe just how quickly until you’ve seen it for yourself day in and day out. Every morning, I am in awe of how much bigger RT has gotten, even though I saw her just hours before when I put her to bed. It’s incredible. At her recent four-month checkup, RT weighed almost double her birth weight. I can’t bring myself to believe that four months have passed since her birth, let alone how much she’s grown.

Her rapid development and larger size have meant some changes around the house. When she was first born, all she did was eat and sleep, with the occasional diaper change thrown in the mix. Now she requires real entertainment. It’s amazing to see her respond to stories and songs, and it’s become clear which toys she favors above others. It’s remarkable how expressive she’s become. She smiles all the time, and will even let out squeals of delight when she’s especially happy. […]

Preparing for a New Addition: Part Five – The Last Minute


I now have 25 days left until my official due date. I’ll find out on Friday if I’m going to be induced early due to gestational diabetes. In theory, my baby could arrive any day now. That thought is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. The nursery is all set up. Newborn clothes are washed and hung up in the closet. We have a stockpile of diapers and wipes. Our hospital bags are packed. All of our last minute purchases are in the mail on the way to our door. We’re as ready as anyone can be for a new arrival. So, of course this is when we decided to change our minds about some of the crucial child-rearing decisions we’d made. […]

Preparing for a New Addition: Part Four


If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that over the last few months I haven’t been posting nearly as much as usual. As my pregnancy has progressed, everything has gotten more difficult, including (maybe especially) the things I didn’t expect to. In addition to every activity consuming more energy than it normally would, I’ve also been dealing with some pregnancy-related health issues. I’m now finding myself in doctors’ offices four or more times per week. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing my utmost best at keeping up with chores around the house, but some of my other usual activities have been forced to take a backseat. […]

Preparing for a New Addition: Part Three


I have officially reached my third trimester. As of this past week, I have less than 90 days until my due date. Unfortunately, despite my healthy lifestyle, it turns out that I have gestational diabetes, so it’s likely that the baby will come a little early. It’s really starting to feel like crunch time. Therefore, my husband and I took this weekend to step away from our respective projects (I’ll be updating you on my planter box progress next week), and work on getting the nursery in order. […]

Preparing for a New Addition: Part Two


Finally, I got the nursery cleaned out of just about everything. We still have a litter box and the spare bed in there, but everything is clean and the closet is emptied of all but baby gear. We even bought baby-sized clothes hangers to help organize all the onesies we’ve already received as gifts, and some of the many baby hoodies I’ve knit. We’re planning on purchasing a closet organizer, so we’ll have somewhere to put all of our little one’s blankets and toys – we already have quite a few![…]

Preparing for a New Addition: Part One

Lately I haven’t been writing posts for this site nearly as frequently as I used to. There was a point when I was successfully posting every week. Usually I post about my current ventures, but there haven’t been as many as of late. Between sick pets, a job with a family-owned start-up company that’s picking up steam, and expecting a child for the first time, I’ve had a greatly diminished capacity for the sort of projects I normally undertake – but that’s finally starting to change.[…]