Working Like Crazy

Lately, I have been working like crazy. I have so many projects going, I almost feel guilty for taking the time to write a blog post! I have literally been going non-stop for maybe two weeks now. So what has me so busy? Aside from raising a baby and taking care of household chores, I […]

Make it Your Business


I am a very lucky woman. Not everyone is capable of being a stay-at-home mom on a homestead. That’s not just because of how stressful it can be, but also because there needs to be some source of income in order for bills to get paid. The best way to earn some spare cash from home is to start your own business. It can be the homestead itself if you produce enough to sell your surplus resources, or you can come up with something else. Personally, most of my income comes from my fiber arts designs and web development (including this blog). […]