Unorganized Chaos


For as long as I’ve been creating, I’ve always had a messy work space. I’m a big fan of organized chaos. While I like to keep my living space clean and orderly (not that I always manage to accomplish that), my work area usually looks like a bomb went off. When we moved into our house, one of the bedrooms was designated as my studio. Kids and pets are not allowed in there, and my husband rarely ever sets foot inside. Therefore, I have no reason to keep it tidy. That’s become a bit of a problem lately.

As you can see, it looks like a bomb went off and was immediately followed by a tornado. It’s reached the point where even I have trouble finding what I need. It’s time to get it back into some kind of order. It’s never going to be immaculate, but I really need to do something to get it into a manageable state. I can hardly move around, and I’m running out of floor space. […]



When my husband and I were moving into our home, I was amazed at how much space we had. Before, we had been living in a one-bedroom apartment, so an entire house with three bedrooms and a full basement seemed so massive. I am now astounded at how quickly we’ve grown into the place. In addition to the master bedroom, one of the bedrooms is used as my studio, also known as the “chaos room.” The third bedroom is RT’s nursery. The rest of the house is just full of stuff. […]