Mommy Wars


Before I became a mom, I had no inkling just how controversial every single aspect of child rearing could be. I got my first glimpse of it while I was pregnant with RT. I was a member of several pregnancy forums, and I began seeing women argue viciously over hot-button topics such as natural vs. medicated births, diet and exercise, and supplements. Once the little ones were born, still more polarizing disputes emerged. New mothers were attacking one another over decisions like co-sleeping, crying it out (CIO), vaccination schedules, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, and staying at home vs. working. I was appalled that these women, who had come together to support one another during a universally stressful time, would turn on each other so suddenly and violently. This was my introduction to the “Mommy Wars.” […]

What I Wish I Had Known About Breastfeeding


For something so natural and evolutionarily ingrained, breastfeeding is exceptionally difficult. It’s definitely worth the struggle if you can manage it, but the process is far more complicated than mainstream media makes it out to be. I was lucky, even. As soon as RT was born, she latched right on without issue. Many people require the benefit of a lactation consultant before that can happen. […]