Springing Forward


Spring has officially arrived. This is one of my favorite times of the year, when everything starts coming back to life. From hibernating animals to plants, the whole world seems to be waking up. That goes for RT and I as well. She’s been sleeping a lot less lately, and that means I have as well. It’s exhausting, of course, but it’s giving me a lot more time to get work done.

I’ve been able to get a huge amount of knitting done, which is wonderful. I’ve had lots of new ideas for patterns lately, so I’ve used my extra time to work on the prototypes for them. I have a photo shoot set up for the beginning of next month, so the more I can get done, the better. Luckily, I’m on track to get everything I had planned on finished, but I keep sketching out new ideas. I’m not sure I’ll have the chance to complete everything I keep coming up with! We’ll see. If I can’t get it all done by the photo shoot, I’ll just have to set up a second.

The photographer I’m using is a good friend, whom I love to work with. Her name is Alana and she’s the owner of AG Photography. She has an incredible eye and has the amazing ability of making her models comfortable, so they are able to give her shots that no one else could capture. She’s based out of Worcester, MA and her rates are more than reasonable. With her talent, education, and experience in photography, most would charge a lot more. If you are in the area and need a photographer for any reason, I highly recommend her.


The other nice thing about so many projects recently is that it’s given me the excuse to buy more yarn in lots of gorgeous colors. My current favorite yarns to work with are Brava Worsted and Brava Sport from Knit Picks. Since I came across the site, I have bought just about everything I need in terms of supplies from them. Their prices are absolutely wonderful and the shipping is fast. They are constantly having sales, and shipping is always free when your purchase totals over $50 and mine usually do. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The only time I ever shop elsewhere is when I need an Aran weight yarn (because that’s the one place their selection is lacking).

My loyalty has also been tested by some of the dyed-to-order yarns from Nerd Girl Yarns. All of their yarns are hand-dyed, and you can even choose the fiber. I’m especially tempted by the 221B Baker Street and the Blue Box Exploding. I don’t often spend more than $20 on a single skein, but these yarns are definitely worth it. I work with acrylics most often, because I like my completed projects to be low-maintenance. Acrylic yarns are machine washable and dryer-friendly, whereas the majority of other fibers cannot go through a dryer without suffering damage. However, you can’t get a custom dye job with acrylic.

While I’ve immersed myself in my work, RT has become my little “helper.” She loves to play with the yarn while I knit, and is fascinated with the process. She’ll pick up the tail, then carefully examine the part of the project that’s already done. She also watches the needles intently. It seems as though she’s trying to wrap her mind around how it’s done. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to be trusted with the pointy knitting needles so I can teach her. I suspect I’ll have a little knitting buddy in a few years, and I couldn’t be happier about that idea!

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