Restoring Sanity


Running a homestead is an overwhelmingly daunting task. Add a baby to that equation, and it can feel like you’re drowning. There is constantly work to be done, and the baby needs constant attention. If you’re extremely lucky, then your little one will be a good and frequent napper. Chances are, that won’t be the case.

Not only do you have to find a way to unwind at the end of a long and stressful day, but you also need to figure out how to squeeze that activity into the unending chaos. The latter is by far more complicated. RT is an absolute blessing. She’s also incredibly snuggly, and only wants to sleep in someone’s arms. It’s rare that she’ll sleep in her bassinet or Moses basket without first falling asleep on someone’s lap. Even then, it’s a nerve wracking moment when we put her down.

At this point, we’re still trying to find the best routine for our household, but we’ve found some solutions. When RT does sleep on her own during the day, we take full advantage of the time and get chores done. We take turns with her while she’s awake and fussy. George has been wonderful with our new addition, and will wait to go outside if RT is crying. However, the most helpful trick we’ve found so far is babywearing.

We bought a Moby wrap early on, but it took some time to get it to feel snug and secure. I watched endless video tutorials and read everything I could find on the subject. I posed questions to my online mommy groups. The only way I managed to get it right was practice. Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I can’t imagine how I would survive without it.


Before, we would anxiously await visits from RT’s grandparents so they could hold her while we folded laundry or did dishes. We still love the company, but now we can keep RT content even while we get chores done. I can wrap her against my chest and get my knitting done. I’ve even been able to get some new patterns written over the last couple weeks.

The wrap is an absolute lifesaver. It makes everything less stressful. I can trim my nails and brush my teeth without rushing, because I don’t have to expect to hear crying at any second. Overall, it’s helped to restore some sanity and allowed me to get back to myself.

Now if only I could get a full night of sleep! Eventually it will happen…

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