It’s been a few weeks since I posted. I had written up a long post about what I learned when starting a farm stand, and some suggestions about how others could succeed with one. The next morning, I went outside and my table had been taken. I was so upset that I just didn’t want to post my write-up. Maybe once I get going again, I will. Right now, I’m just taking a break from the stand.

Instead, I’m selling baked goods out of my kitchen to people who order them and schedule a pick-up. This is actually working much better for me. When I had the stand going, I would need to check my inventory every day, mark any items that were more than a day old, and lower their price. If they still didn’t sell, I would have to take them out and either eat them myself or let them go to waste. It meant taking guesses every day of how many customers I would have and what kinds of baked goods I should have on hand. Selling by order only has taken all the guesswork out of the operation and increased my profit margin.

Another reason that I haven’t gotten a new table for the stand yet is that I’ve been overwhelmed with knitting commissions. I have just about as much as I can handle, and deadlines are approaching. While I love to bake, it takes time away from my fiber arts, and that is not time that I can spare right now.


I also have more yard work than I can even list here. I’ve taken over the chores that we hired a local teen for last year when I was too heavily pregnant to mow the lawn. We felt a little bad letting him go, because he’s a good kid and we didn’t mind adding to his car fund. However, that was money that we didn’t need to be spending, and doing the yard work myself again is helping me to burn some extra calories while I’m trying to lose weight.

Finally, RT’s birthday is coming up this weekend, and I’ve been doing a lot of preparing. My to-do list ranges from cleaning the house, to getting the yard ready, to making food, and of course getting RSVPs from everyone who’s been invited. I’m hoping there will be a good turnout, but I know that family will be there, and they are going to be the most important. RT isn’t going to care too much about her parents’ friends on her first birthday. It’s tough to believe that she’s going to be a year old in under a week now. It still feels like just last week we were bringing her home from the hospital.

Overall, even though my farm stand isn’t going the way I planned, I’m definitely staying productive and busy! I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll restart the stand or whether I’ll just let it be. Even if I end up with the surplus of veggies that I had planned on, I can always share with friends and family. I’m also looking to improve my canning ability. I’ve only tried it a few times, but it’s gone well every time so far. Either way, I’ll keep you updated.

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