Preparing for a New Addition: Part Three


I have officially reached my third trimester. As of this past week, I have less than 90 days until my due date. Unfortunately, despite my healthy lifestyle, it turns out that I have gestational diabetes, so it’s likely that the baby will come a little early. It’s really starting to feel like crunch time. Therefore, my husband and I took this weekend to step away from our respective projects (I’ll be updating you on my planter box progress next week), and work on getting the nursery in order.


Our first step was getting our decorative decal up on the wall by the window, because that would become far more difficult once there was furniture in the way. I ended up ordering from a different Etsy seller than I had originally planned due to the shape of my ceiling beams. The branch decal featured in my last entry about the nursery had a flat edge on top, which would not have worked. The decal I ultimately ordered shipped from the UK, so it took a while to arrive. Once it did, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to apply it.

I’m so happy with the way it came out, but it does emphasize how bare the window is. We still need to find curtains that we like, and I’ll have to swing by the craft store to pick up materials to implement an idea I found on Pinterest, which you can see on the left. I thought about using natural materials to do it, but figured they would be too susceptible to damage when opening and closing the curtains. We’re also planning on using this same nursery for future children, so I want something that will really last. So, fake it will be.

The next thing we wanted to get done was the crib set-up. It had been sitting in a box at the bottom of the stairs for far too long, and it was the one piece that would really make the nursery feel like a baby’s room. We bought the Dream On Me Casco crib, which has a built-in changing table and dresser, so it would also offer us more storage space for a lot of the baby gear we’ve been accumulating. Until now, that’s all been piling up in the closet and on the twin bed that’s still in the room, but on the other side now.

We decided to leave the bed in the room, not so much for guests anymore, but so I would have somewhere to take a nap on nights when the baby is being particularly fussy and my husband has to get up for work in the morning. That way I’ll be the only one getting woken up in the middle of the night, and my schedule is flexible enough that I can nap in the middle of the day with the little one.


I thought I would be able to set the crib up by myself, but the parts were heavier than I imagined. It ended up being a two person job for most of the assembly. Despite the extra sweat, I’m glad it was so heavy. The crib is going to be nice and sturdy for many years to come. We’re planning on using it as a crib for our future children as well, but it also can convert into a day bed, and then a twin-sized bed if needed. Once it was all set up, it was even more beautiful than I had hoped, and blended in wonderfully with the room. It even came with a thin mattress and changing pad. We haven’t gotten sheets for it yet, but we have them picked out and on our registry.


Last but not least, we’re starting to get the closet filled out. My husband’s mother (my “other mother”) has been more than generous, gifting us with one-pieces, pacifiers, blankets, bibs, and more every single time we see her. I got some non-slip hangers sized for baby clothes, and we’re planning on getting a closet organizing kit that includes dividers (for different sizes), shelves, baskets, and more. Hopefully, it will help keep some of the baby chaos at bay.

We’ve made a lot of progress – we’ve reached a point where we have just about everything we need – but there’s plenty left on our to-do list. We’re holding off on purchasing anything else until after the baby shower because our mothers made us promise (I may be a little too excited by the nesting process). Our next steps are moving our rocking chair upstairs, and then getting the quotes you voted on. I’m waiting on the custom order from another amazing Etsy seller. There was a tie between two of the quotes, so we decided to get both printed on burlap sheets. Once they come in, I’ll be picking up and decorating frames with wood from the yard.

All in all, everything is coming together smoothly. This nursery is surpassing my wildest dreams, and I hope our little one loves it as much as I already do. I can hardly wait to see how everything looks once all of the pieces are in place. It’s going to be amazing!

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