Preparing for a New Addition: Part Four


If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that over the last few months I haven’t been posting nearly as much as usual. As my pregnancy has progressed, everything has gotten more difficult, including (maybe especially) the things I didn’t expect to. In addition to every activity consuming more energy than it normally would, I’ve also been dealing with some pregnancy-related health issues. I’m now finding myself in doctors’ offices four or more times per week. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing my utmost best at keeping up with chores around the house, but some of my other usual activities have been forced to take a backseat.

Luckily, now that I’m coming close to the end of this adventure and started nesting, I’ve had a huge burst of energy, and found myself more productive than I thought possible this late in the game. It started right after my baby shower, which was a little over a week ago now. I was in awe of everyone’s generosity. That evening, my home was absolutely filled with piles of packages awaiting my daughter’s arrival. In order to even navigate through the house the next day, I had to start unpacking and setting up. Thankfully, my excitement acted as fuel for my endeavor.


Our nursery is coming together beautifully. The two hangings on the wall are custom prints we ordered from an incredible Etsy seller. I was very picky, but she was very patient with me, and in the end she produced exactly what we wanted! The prints are of the two quotes that won the poll that you readers voted on – the quotes from Marcus Aurelius and J. R. R. Tolkien. In all honesty, those were the ones we liked the best when it really came down to it. They’re printed on burlap in a beautiful script.

The rocking chair you can see beside the crib has been in my husband’s family for many a year now. Having been well-loved for so long, it’s not in perfect condition anymore, but its damage is only superficial, and the marks and scratches tell of its history. Of course, it’s still just as sturdy and comfortable as ever. I’m looking forward to spending my evenings rocking my daughter to sleep with a good book. We’ve gotten tons already, so I sincerely hope she loves literature as much as her parents! Oh, and that contraption sitting on top of the rocking chair? That’s our nursing pillow.


Even though I had to take a couple breaks to nap, I was able to assemble all the bulky items we received at the shower in a single day. The swing was probably the most labor-intensive, but it didn’t take more than twenty minutes before it was in working order. Both the swing and the new high chair matched the car seat and stroller combo we already had perfectly. We know that we’re having a little girl, but we wanted to go with gender-neutral green for all the big items. We plan on having more children in the future, and of course have no way of knowing whether those will be boys or girls.

I set the swing up downstairs in the living room instead of in the nursery so that our little one will have somewhere nearby to relax while I’m working, cleaning, or want to sneak away for a quick shower. I plan to keep her in a carrier much of the time, but there are times during the day when that’s just not practical.


Our whole house has become a baby zone, but the majority of what she’ll need is upstairs in her nursery. Her closet is really starting to fill out. We were really happy to receive a closet organizer. Between my OCD and the sheer amount of stuff that a baby needs, it’s going to make life quite a bit simpler. As you may have noticed from the picture, we ended up deciding to leave the twin bed in the nursery. This way, when my husband is deprived of sleep and has to work in the morning, I can stay close to the baby and avoid disturbing him. Because I’m lucky enough to work from home and get to set my own schedule, I can nap when the little one does during the day.

In addition to all the progress you see here, I’ve also been cleaning like crazy. I’ve dusted areas no one has ever tried to reach before, laundered everything that will fit in the washing machine, and scrubbed even the undersides of surfaces. Nesting is a very real and intense phenomenon. On occasion, friends and relatives have had to remind me to relax. As tired as I am most of the time, it’s still hard to get rest when I have so little time left before my daughter comes home. I already know that I’ll be so obsessed with her adorable, tiny being that I won’t want to even think about anything else, let alone take time away from her to clean.

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