Preparing for a New Addition: Part Five – The Last Minute


I now have 25 days left until my official due date. I’ll find out on Friday if I’m going to be induced early due to gestational diabetes. In theory, my baby could arrive any day now. That thought is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. The nursery is all set up. Newborn clothes are washed and hung up in the closet. We have a stockpile of diapers and wipes. Our hospital bags are packed. All of our last minute purchases are in the mail on the way to our door. We’re as ready as anyone can be for a new arrival. So, of course this is when we decided to change our minds about some of the crucial child-rearing decisions we’d made.

Up until now, we had been planning on using disposable diapers. We chose an eco-friendly brand that’s 80% compostable and has excellent reviews, called Bambo Nature. Just a few days ago, we thought about it again and are now opting to try cloth diapering. It’s better for the environment and substantially cheaper. There is a little more work involved in the process, but it’s nothing that we can’t handle. We picked up some flat fold cloth diapers and ordered some waterproof covers for them.


We’re also going to install sprayers on the toilets in the house, so we can rinse off the dirty diapers before throwing them in the laundry. You can buy them in most baby stores, but it’s cheaper and extremely easy to make your own using parts you can find at any hardware store. I found a fantastic tutorial online. My husband is planning on picking up the materials anytime within the next few days. We do have a small stockpile of disposable diapers if the setup isn’t done right when baby gets home, so he can take his time.

Aside from the last minute decisions, we’ve also put the finishing touches on the nursery. I finally sewed the curtains. I did them by hand, because I’ve been fighting with my sewing machine lately, and I didn’t have any fabric to spare if I screwed up on the first attempt. It took almost a full day to get them done, but I’m pretty pleased with the way they came out.


We even have the crib all made up and ready for a little sleeper. Those are breathable, mesh bumpers, by the way. Padded bumpers increase the risk of SIDS, and we would never be so foolhardy with our little one’s life. Mesh bumpers do not pose the same risk, but will still prevent tiny limbs from getting caught between the bars of the crib. Even so, the baby will not be using this crib for the first few weeks (or even months) of her life. We have a portable crib with a built-in bassinet and changing table in our bedroom, and that’s where she’ll start out. This will make midnight feedings much easier on us, and help to ease some of my new-mom anxiety better than our baby monitor would.

The house is ready for a baby at last. Now, my husband and I just need to make sure that we’re mentally prepared for the new addition. Can any expecting parents ever truly be ready, though? There are going to be lots of changes around here very soon. Many of them, we probably won’t even be able to expect, but we will adapt as necessary to create the best home possible for this new life – our daughter.

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