George was adopted in May of 2014, so he’s a fairly recent addition to our household. We found him thanks to Cathy’s Rottie Rescue, Rehab, and Sanctuary. They’re based out of Connecticut, but had a foster home not too far from us in Massachusetts. We were actually planning on adopting a different dog before we met George, but we fell in love with him at our first meeting. The other dog was a puppy, and the foster house told us there were other applications for him, so we didn’t feel terrible for changing our minds.


At the age of six or seven, he was much more mellowed out than the puppy we were planning to adopt. He was also house trained, which made the adjustment period much easier on all of us. He’s an enormous, goofy lapdog who is just perfect for our family. With the size of a Great Dane and the personality of a Labrador, it’s almost like he was bred for us. He’s mellow most of the time and likes to hang out by our feet or on the couch with us while we work on our computers, watch Netflix, or read. However, he still loves a good round of tug’o’war or a run around the yard. Mostly, he wants to do whatever it is that we’re doing.


He wasn’t always so pampered, though. In fact, George had a rough go of it before Cathy rescued him. His previous family had three dogs. When they moved out of town, they simply tied all three up in someone else’s barn, only to inform that person later that the dogs were there. From the holiday season through most of January, the three dogs froze and starved out in the barn. Luckily, all three survived and were taken in by various foster organizations.

Because of his history, George does have some behavioral issues, but they are nowhere near as bad as one might imagine. He barks at light-colored trucks, cries if his collar is taken off even for a second, and refuses to eat unless you stay in the room with him. He’s excellent with all people he meets, even babies. He was confused by the rabbits at first, but is now amazingly well behaved around them, although he occasionally tries to steal their food. He’s still getting used to the cats, but to be honest, he seems more afraid of them than they are of him.

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