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With so much going on in my life, sometimes it’s extra difficult to find time to do the things I need to in order to stay healthy. At the end of a long day, it’s just so much faster and easier to make Mac & Cheese or a microwavable meal for dinner than it is to create a wholesome, home-cooked meal. I rarely find both the opportunity and the will to exercise at the same time. During the summer it’s usually a little easier, because the work I do in the yard and garden burn quite a few calories. However, this past summer I was barred from a lot of those physical activities at the end of my pregnancy. Therefore, I ended up gaining more weight than I’m used to.

I’m waiting until the holidays are over before I make any big changes. I know for a fact that I don’t have the willpower to abstain from the delicious snacks and extravagant meals that are so plentiful at special family gatherings. So come January 1st, I will be getting back on track. As cliché and frequently forgotten as these kinds of New Year’s resolutions may be, I’ve built up a good support system that I truly believe will help me stick to my goals. I’m actually an admin for a new Facebook group that focuses on encouraging one another to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I feel as though frequent check-ins with the group will help hold me accountable on my progress.

A few people recommended that I try using My Fitness Pal. I signed up and downloaded the app for my iPad. So far I’m really liking it. It even helps you track calories burned from cooking and cleaning around the house, which has become a very large portion of my day. You can connect with other people who are in a similar situation with similar goals as you. I’ve also taken advantage of their Blog section, which allows you to keep a log of your journey. So far, I’ve only made one post, but I think along the way it will help me to keep track of how my habits change.

Another important change I need to make – and I’m sure I’ll catch some flak for this one – is that I need to stop smoking again. I did really well during the pregnancy, but once RT was born, I was so stressed out that I picked up the habit again. My husband was still smoking, so it was all too easy to fall into that trap. This time, we’re both motivated and quitting together, so there will be no cigarettes in the house to tempt us when we’re feeling weak.


Additionally, I need to start doing my yoga more routinely again. I used to practice on a daily basis, but during the postpartum period, my doctors told me to put the exercise on hold for almost two months so I could recover. Then it became a matter of exhaustion and being unable to find the “right” time. Either RT was awake and required entertainment, or she was sleeping and I was afraid of waking her up. What I really needed was something like a Mommy & Me yoga class, where the little one becomes an essential part of your routine. While there are many yoga classes in my area, there is a severe lack of prenatal, postpartum, or Mommy & Me classes.

I did recently find out that a woman who lives just down the street from me runs a yoga studio out of her house, and she does one-on-one sessions as well. I’m looking to pick up some books on yoga poses that include babies, like Baby Om and Itsy Bitsy Yoga, so we can work together on creating new routines that fit better into my new lifestyle. If you’re in the area and looking for something similar, you can check out her website to get more information on her classes. She also offers meditation courses, Henna, and her personal artwork.

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