Finding Your Routine – And Breaking It

Living on a homestead, you’ll occasionally reach a point where you feel like you’ve run out of interesting things to talk about with the outside world. With all the daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time for big adventures, and most people don’t want to hear how long it took me to clean the bunny pens on any particular day. Those routines are vitally important for keeping a homestead running, but it leaves little for conversation. That can become somewhat isolating, and leave you feeling awkward when you do venture into the outside world.


After all, no matter how true it is and amusing when witnessed, there are only so many times you can tell a person that you have the most adorably giant lapdog before boredom washes over their face. The things that make your day don’t always translate into interesting topics when you’re chit-chatting at the farmer’s market.

Sometimes you’ll run into someone who is interested in your homestead, or your process. Then you can talk their ear off about the science that goes into growing fruits and vegetables, the merits of marigolds, and why chickens are the best defense against grasshoppers. But when you get the rare chance to see friends who are asking what you’ve been up to, that may not peak their interest. If you’re the type of homesteader who enjoys entertaining, my suggestion is to work time into your schedule to be weird. It will do wonders for your sanity and social skills.

Make time for your other interests. Between your chores, try squeezing in a new game you’ve never played before. Do a yoga workout video. Watch a YouTube tutorial on a skill like fletching, or cross-stitching. Experiment with something completely random. If you’re reading my blog, you have access to the internet, which means the majority of human knowledge is at your fingertips. Take five minutes out of your busy day – even once a week – and do something completely out of the ordinary. You’ll thank yourself later.

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