Mid-Life Crisis

There are a lot of aspect of female life that society at large doesn’t seem to talk about much. One of these is the female midlife crisis. From what I’ve seen online and what I’ve heard anecdotally, women go through this phase somewhat earlier than their male counterparts, and it’s more focused on identity than […]

Orchestrating the Chaos

Things have really kicked into high gear around the homestead. This time of year, everything gets so hectic, and this year has been especially busy. The most obvious chore is maintaining our 2-acre property now that the flora has burst into life again. I’m constantly pulling weeds and cutting back some of the plants that tend to take over, like my chocolate mint and raspberry bushes. I’ve even managed to get the planter box cleared before it was time to get my seedlings in the the ground! My long-time regular readers will know how much I’ve struggled with that over the past two years. This year is my year!

As you can see, I still need to clean it up a bit more, and it could use some more filling. Thankfully, I have the composter now, and it fills up quick with all the baking and weeding I’ve been doing as of late. Sometime in the future, I want to replace the wood around the edges, and I’m also planning on putting a small fence and gate around the area to keep out deer and the many, many bunnies that live in the raspberry bushes right next to it. Sometime this week, I’m also going to cut back the raspberry bushes, seeing as they’re encroaching again (as they are wont to do). […]

Growing Pains


I just celebrated my first official Mother’s Day. It was a wonderful day. I went out with my mom and my mother-in-law while my husband watched the baby. I found myself reflecting back on the time I’ve spent as a mom, and it made me realize how fast time is going.

I spend every day with my daughter. I’ve never been away from her for more than a few hours at a time. Still, sometimes I have to wonder where all the time has gone. My newborn has disappeared, and left an almost-toddler in her place. It’s absolutely amazing how much she has grown in such a short period.

Not only has she gained over ten pounds and more than six inches since her birth, she’s developing physically and mentally. It wasn’t that long ago that all she could do was drink milk, sleep, and mess her diapers. Now she sits like a champ, and is quickly learning to stand. She’s moving past purees and on to more solid foods, making good use of the few teeth she has. She’ll even pick them up off her high chair’s tray and put them in her mouth by herself. She’s getting the hang of a sippy cup too. She’s even learned how to drink from my CamelBak water bottle! […]

Separation Anxiety


A couple weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. A few days beforehand during the preceding weekend, we took the opportunity to go on our first adults-only date since RT was born. I’ll be honest, it was nerve-wracking for me. I knew she was in good hands. That wasn’t the issue. I was much more nervous about how I was going to fare without my little girl.

The night before our date, I could hardly sleep. That morning, I almost started to hyperventilate as I was packing RT’s bag with everything she could possibly need. From bottles, to her favorite toys, to more diapers than she could use in a week, I made sure she was more than prepared. The whole car ride over to my mother-in-law’s house, I stared at my baby, trying to make the most of the time I had with her that morning. My mother-in-law had five incredible kids of her own, so I knew she was more than capable of handling a baby for a few hours. We hung out at the house for about an hour before we took off for our date. […]

Mommy Wars


Before I became a mom, I had no inkling just how controversial every single aspect of child rearing could be. I got my first glimpse of it while I was pregnant with RT. I was a member of several pregnancy forums, and I began seeing women argue viciously over hot-button topics such as natural vs. medicated births, diet and exercise, and supplements. Once the little ones were born, still more polarizing disputes emerged. New mothers were attacking one another over decisions like co-sleeping, crying it out (CIO), vaccination schedules, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, and staying at home vs. working. I was appalled that these women, who had come together to support one another during a universally stressful time, would turn on each other so suddenly and violently. This was my introduction to the “Mommy Wars.” […]

How To Save Money as a New or Expecting Mom

When you have a baby on the way, you are absolutely inundated with information about the latest and “best” products for little ones. It can be hard to filter through everything and figure out what you really need for a newborn/infant, and what you can skip in order to save money. The truth is, babies […]

Building Yourself Up

Let’s face it, as a homemaker or stay-at-home parent, it can be so easy to lose yourself while tending to your home and children. Everyone and everything else seems to come first. However, you can’t give your best without being your best. It is absolutely essential to find time to work on yourself. I’ve always […]

The Value of Nutrition


If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know that I’m doing a lot more home-cooked meals. I’m not trying to turn into a fitness and nutrition fanatic, but the way I was eating and living in general was not great for my health. I don’t want this to become an obsession that takes over my life, but everyone needs to practice self-care to be at their best, and I am no exception. If I don’t take care of myself, there’s no way I can continue to take care of my family without burning out. The changes I’m making are necessary and sustainable ones, rather than drastic ones. […]

Crunch Time


I am always so busy this time of year. My fiber arts business booms in the colder weather, and with the holidays approaching. I also set aside quite a bit of time to make presents for my friends and family. Handcrafted gifts are, in my opinion, much better than anything you could find mass produced in a store. They have a personal touch and a sense of devotion that you just can’t find anywhere else.

This year, I was especially strapped for time, despite giving myself a head start on creating presents. First of all, RT has started teething, making her one unhappy baby. As anyone with kids will already know, every endeavor becomes more difficult and time-consuming when there’s a little one screaming. […]

Adjusting for Growth

Moses Basket

Everyone knows that babies grow fast, but it’s difficult to believe just how quickly until you’ve seen it for yourself day in and day out. Every morning, I am in awe of how much bigger RT has gotten, even though I saw her just hours before when I put her to bed. It’s incredible. At her recent four-month checkup, RT weighed almost double her birth weight. I can’t bring myself to believe that four months have passed since her birth, let alone how much she’s grown.

Her rapid development and larger size have meant some changes around the house. When she was first born, all she did was eat and sleep, with the occasional diaper change thrown in the mix. Now she requires real entertainment. It’s amazing to see her respond to stories and songs, and it’s become clear which toys she favors above others. It’s remarkable how expressive she’s become. She smiles all the time, and will even let out squeals of delight when she’s especially happy. […]