Old Dog, New Tricks

George is a very good dog, and a much-loved member of our family. His personality is amazing, which is what makes him such a perfect fit for our household. He’s laid-back, but goofy. He loves everyone he meets, and is absolutely exceptional with babies and small children. Despite his enormous size, he’s very gentle. However, like humans, dogs are not born perfect, and they need lots of practice to be the best that they can be.

When we adopted him, he was already house-trained, and saying his name would get his attention. He knew basic commands like “sit,” “lie down,” and “come here.” Still, he had some behavioral issues that needed to be ironed out, as is the case with all animals, but especially rescues. Training is also something that should be a life-long process. Even the best behaved canine can benefit from ongoing training because it provides them with intellectual stimulation. This is the story of how we teach George. […]

A Smaller Family


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted. Things have been a little strange around the homestead, as we’ve had some upheavals that have changed the dynamics of our daily lives. The first curveball that was thrown at us came when our elderly pet rabbit Apple took a turn for the worse.

For years, she had been dealing with severe arthritis that caused her some mobility issues, but with treatment that included pain medication, she was still able to live a normal life for a bunny. Then, one morning we realized she was not behaving as actively as usual. She just lay there, not even making her way to her water bottle only a foot away. It turned out her issues had progressed to the point where she could no longer stand up on her own. […]

Falling Behind


Babies are am lot of work. We all know this. They’re time-consuming and require near constant attention. When my husband and I decided to grow our family, I knew that some chores would have to fall by the wayside temporarily. What I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to accomplish these tasks at the end of my pregnancy. There’s a lot of manual labor that needs doing on a homestead. Therefore, some things have built up over the past few months and really gotten out of hand.

This isn’t easy for me to admit. I usually pride myself on how much I am able to accomplish around the homestead, no matter the circumstances. I have also seen heavily pregnant women working their butts off on some of the more labor-intensive homestead responsibilities. I hated realizing that I couldn’t pull weeds because I couldn’t bend down to reach. Now the weeds are out of control. […]

Accepting Help


This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about how overwhelming it can be to live on and manage a homestead. Last time the topic came up, I focused mostly on setting priorities in order to accomplish major goals. Now that I’m eight months pregnant, the situation has changed a bit. There are some tasks that I simply can’t do, whether they push my physical limits, or whether my husband/doctors have told me I shouldn’t (the latter is far more frustrating).[…]

Not Always Easy


Running a homestead is often an absolutely wonderful experience, especially when you’re as blessed as my family usually is. You get to be in control of a beautiful house, and lots of land. You’re surrounded by furry, snuggling animals, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time dealing with the outside world. This doesn’t mean that everything is always perfect. In fact, it’s a lot of work, and things can definitely go wrong. […]

A Growing Home


Over the course of 2014, my husband and I have made gigantic strides toward our lifelong dreams. Within the course of the last twelve months, we got married, purchased our property, and brought three new animals into our new home (George, Tribble, and Raven – a foster who now has two potential adopters!). We also picked up more tools and equipment than I could even name here. We completed some major projects and household upgrades. Overall, we are proud of what we were able to accomplish this year. […]

Finding and Refining Your Purpose


In my last post I talked about becoming overwhelmed by homesteading, especially when working a more regular job as well. I covered some of the ways to make life easier, like prioritizing your chores. But today, I wanted to dig a little deeper. We all know that there are some daily tasks that can get swept under the rug for a few days when time is tight, but what about the bigger things? When all the projects on your list are daunting and interconnected, it’s hard to know where to start. […]