Adjusting for Growth

Moses Basket

Everyone knows that babies grow fast, but it’s difficult to believe just how quickly until you’ve seen it for yourself day in and day out. Every morning, I am in awe of how much bigger RT has gotten, even though I saw her just hours before when I put her to bed. It’s incredible. At her recent four-month checkup, RT weighed almost double her birth weight. I can’t bring myself to believe that four months have passed since her birth, let alone how much she’s grown.

Her rapid development and larger size have meant some changes around the house. When she was first born, all she did was eat and sleep, with the occasional diaper change thrown in the mix. Now she requires real entertainment. It’s amazing to see her respond to stories and songs, and it’s become clear which toys she favors above others. It’s remarkable how expressive she’s become. She smiles all the time, and will even let out squeals of delight when she’s especially happy. […]

A Smaller Family


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted. Things have been a little strange around the homestead, as we’ve had some upheavals that have changed the dynamics of our daily lives. The first curveball that was thrown at us came when our elderly pet rabbit Apple took a turn for the worse.

For years, she had been dealing with severe arthritis that caused her some mobility issues, but with treatment that included pain medication, she was still able to live a normal life for a bunny. Then, one morning we realized she was not behaving as actively as usual. She just lay there, not even making her way to her water bottle only a foot away. It turned out her issues had progressed to the point where she could no longer stand up on her own. […]

Self-Love in the Postpartum Period

Before and after RT's birth

Despite doing my best to follow my daily yoga practice while I was pregnant, I put on a lot more weight than I had expected to during those nine months. Seven weeks after giving birth, I had not been medically cleared to begin exercising again quite yet. This adds up to a very different body than I have grown accustomed to over my lifetime.

My skin is riddled with stretch marks, and loose around my midriff. My weight is a drastic change from before birth, but significantly more than it was pre-pregnancy. My body moves differently. It’s uncomfortable, physically and mentally.

So, when my friend Alana at AG Photography asked me to participate in a body-positive photo shoot she was conducting for a book, I had mixed feelings. The book is called Strength Through Adversity and it focuses on how societal standards can warp our perception of self. […]

Creations and Contests

Broomstick Shrug

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting colder, the holidays are coming, and I am knitting like crazy. I’m starting to work on holiday gifts for family and friends, but also using quite a bit of my limited time to create new designs. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, I’m hoping to publish a book of designs, but I’m having trouble creating enough in a single category to make a coherent collection. I’ve also started adapting some of my existing patterns to fit kids. With all this work, I’m really excited that RT is finally sleeping through the night and giving me some good rest! […]

Make it Your Business


I am a very lucky woman. Not everyone is capable of being a stay-at-home mom on a homestead. That’s not just because of how stressful it can be, but also because there needs to be some source of income in order for bills to get paid. The best way to earn some spare cash from home is to start your own business. It can be the homestead itself if you produce enough to sell your surplus resources, or you can come up with something else. Personally, most of my income comes from my fiber arts designs and web development (including this blog). […]

The New Normal


In a few days, RT will be three months old. She’s gained almost four pounds and over three inches since she was born. Life will never be the same as it was before I became pregnant. It’s changed in a lot of ways – many I didn’t expect. Still, I wouldn’t trade my new life for anything. Yes, there’s a lot of stress, but there’s also euphoria, and I’m starting to get used to the routine.

People will tell you when you have a baby that you’ll learn what they want by their different cries. I heard this constantly while I was pregnant. When she was first born, I listened really closely to learn those different cries, but RT didn’t have any. She only had the one. This stressed me out possibly more than anything else in the first month. At two and a half months of age, she finally began to differentiate. It was a huge relief. She also has a lot of facial expressions now, so it’s become much easier to tell what’s going on. It makes me feel much more confident as a mom. […]

Baby’s Mosey Leg Warmers

A few years ago, I knit myself a pair of leg warmers I found a free pattern for on Ravelry. The design was called Mosey, created by Susan Power. They are so warm and cozy that I hardly leave the house without them during the cooler months. No matter where I wear them, I get compliments, and most people can’t believe they’re hand made.

Autumn is setting in quickly, so I’ve been on the hunt for warmer clothes for RT. I found some basic leg warmers on Amazon, but I wanted something a little fancier too. I checked Ravelry for baby leg warmers using fingering weight yarn (because I’m going through a phase). Nothing really called out to me. That’s when I decided to adapt the Mosey pattern. […]

Restoring Sanity


Running a homestead is an overwhelmingly daunting task. Add a baby to that equation, and it can feel like you’re drowning. There is constantly work to be done, and the baby needs constant attention. If you’re extremely lucky, then your little one will be a good and frequent napper. Chances are, that won’t be the case.

Not only do you have to find a way to unwind at the end of a long and stressful day, but you also need to figure out how to squeeze that activity into the unending chaos. The latter is by far more complicated. RT is an absolute blessing. She’s also incredibly snuggly, and only wants to sleep in someone’s arms. It’s rare that she’ll sleep in her bassinet or Moses basket without first falling asleep on someone’s lap. Even then, it’s a nerve wracking moment when we put her down. […]

What I Wish I Had Known About Breastfeeding


For something so natural and evolutionarily ingrained, breastfeeding is exceptionally difficult. It’s definitely worth the struggle if you can manage it, but the process is far more complicated than mainstream media makes it out to be. I was lucky, even. As soon as RT was born, she latched right on without issue. Many people require the benefit of a lactation consultant before that can happen. […]

Cutting Ties

For quite a few years now, I’ve had an Etsy store where I sold my fiber arts products and patterns. I joined because it was a community where independent artists and crafters could post their creations for a nominal fee, and start getting noticed online. In the groups and forums, it was possible to connect with other like-minded individuals and exchange techniques. It was a true haven where it was possible to make a living doing what you loved.[…]