About the Artist


Who I Am:

I live in a small town in central Massachusetts with my husband, three dogs, seven cats, a few fish, and soon my daughter (due this fall). I strive to do what I love, creating. I love painting, crafting, building, and photography. I am a DIY-aholic. When I see or think of something that I want to make, I spend hours perfecting it. I am a driven person, who loves working with my hands. My goal with this company is to grow in projects, and customer base, to be able to maintain a semi-stay-at-home dream job that I love. I have the drive and passion to work with and for you to design something unique for you and your family.

About my Décor and Crafting:

I have been doing projects, crafts, and décor for myself, friends, and family for several years now. I never cease to amaze anyone who enters my home around the holidays with the many projects I do to decorate; I tend to get a lot of “did you really make that?” from my guests. After receiving requests for some of my work, I decided that I should branch out and do what I love for others. Like anyone, I want to make a living doing what I love. I specialize in painting, and holiday crafts. I tend to go crazy for my own home around the holiday season. I am addicted, as many others are, to Pinterest. If you have a project that you want to have but don’t think you can do it yourself, reach out to me, and allow me to use my talent and love to make something beautiful for you to treasure.

My Photography:

Along with my miscellaneous crafting projects I also work in photography. I have past experience working in a portrait studio, and for my first year in college I majored in analogue (black and white) photography. Until recently I have been maintaining my love for photography by taking photographs for myself and my family. I have begun branching out again, and started scheduling family photo shoots. My goal is to slowly get my business up and running locally with a reliable customer base. With each project I spend quality time scouting areas for shoots, taking prep photos to make sure it is what my client is looking for, and practice editing so my end product will be my best quality. I am a professional, committed photographer, who will do all I can to meet a client’s needs.

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