Cathy's Rottweiler Rescue, Rehab, and Sanctuary

Did you know...

big black dogs (such as rottweilers) are often the last to be adopted, if at all? Here at Cathy's Rottweiler Rescue, Rehab, and Sanctuary, we work hard to provide good lives and homes to these often-overlooked gentle giants. If you're looking for a furry buddy, let us help you find your ideal companion through our network of foster homes!

Read more about who we are and what we do on the About Us page.

We need your help!

Our organization is all about the animals. It is not about our palatial home, gorgeous landscaping, or many toys, but all about saving these dogs' lives and giving them a wonderful new homes. To us, this is a calling, a passion, and a way of life. The fact is that Roger and I work so hard to give every cent we make to the dogs here in rescue, which leaves us nothing (a true vow of poverty if you will).

Recently, our barn collapsed, leaving our horses temporarily homeless, and creating even further difficulty in the care of our dogs. We will not be able to remedy this matter on our own, and so we are calling on the hearts of others. If you can help us out in any way, please see our page on GoFundMe. Every little bit helps!